29.04.- 21.05.2017
Bene Andrist
Jürgen Baumann
Linda Stauffer
Nihaal Faizal

29.04.2017, 7pm 🏛
20:33 pastoral, idyllic sunset opening time 🌅

The creation of fictional, idyllic projections, lost in time and space, symptomizes the primordial drive humans always had to reconnect with an ideal nature. The melancholic idealization of stereotyped „topos“, illusorily comforts and releases the soul from the discontent of reality. Arcade reflects on the contemporary creation of mythological places, and how both fictional and true experiences yearn for unachievable relief. In the contemporary, internet age the visualization and accessibility of these places make the disillusion of relief stronger than ever, feeding the need of escaping reality in a more material way. The attribution of a mystic aura to places and environments far form our physical reality, leads us to seek in them for a higher state of consciousness of our human condition, deceptively. Arcade represents a journey in the fictional reality contemporary culture construct around our need of escaping, nourishing our drive towards the research of the „locus amoenus“. Arcade echoes the paradoxical attribution of idyllic values through a wandering between cultures, historical buildings and natural landscapes.

The work „Visiting Switzerland“, by Linda Stauffer and Nihaal Faizal, playfully deals with cultural stereotypes and identities. The artists asked different photo studios in Bangalore to depict them in the bucolic Swiss landscapes, playing with the romantic connotation that Switzerland acquired through Bollywood tradition.
In “Built Heritage Conservation“, Bene Andrist explores the notions of monumentality and functionality, and the mythical associations connected to social, cultural and technical achievements of represented buildings.
Jürgen Baumann ironically manipulates typical internet myths in his works „101 most beautiful places you must visit before you die“ and „100 most beautiful beaches in the world“. The compression of the immense repertoire of utopias and phantasies, blurs into anonymity.

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“Fortunate old man, here you’ll find the cooling shade,
among familiar streams and sacred springs.
Here, as always, on your neighbor’s boundary, the hedge,
its willow blossoms sipped by Hybla’s bees,
will often lull you into sleep with the low buzzing.”
– Virgil, Eclogue I: The Dialogue of Meliboeus and Tityrus ( I century BC)