27.01. – 17.02.2018
princess d
Marilyn Umurungi
Helvetia Leal

OPENING 🎉   6pm



The end of Dualism seems the real revolutionary breakpoint of the passage between modernity and post-modernity, between XXth and XXIst century.

The digital age, whose mechanics operates according to a binary system based on 0 and 1 exclusively, aims to surpass this dichotomy expanding its potentials of experience and perception…. aims to create machines which are able to consider 0, 1 and the sum of possibilities of 0 plus 1 together. New systems of indefinite multiplicity.

The imprisonment into the apparently ineluctable subjection to binary systems, condemns an infinite multiplicity of individuals to adopt and normalize duality as the dominant logic of individual production and of social reproduction.

As for individual production I mean the struggle to define oneself within a dichotomy of positions: gender, class, color, etc.; while for social reproduction I mean the procedure through which this highly exclusive (which excludes) binary system of identification/differentiation is perpetuated through the normalization of, and the subjugation to biopolitical norms of behavior and feeling.

What it is asked for now, is the deconstruction of pre-existent systems into more than its constituents; a new systemic ontology based on multiplicity and diversity.

Complexity, beyond duality and simplification, generates spaces of reconstruction.

Cultural, sexual, and economic fluidity of systems, and fluid cultural, sexual, and economic systems.

Not-unitary, un-defined, trans-fluid,